Due to a lack of time that i more and more spend @ my work, my company, my studie and lot's of traveling around our beautiful globe meeting lot's of fantastic inspiring people made me decide to sell my radio equipment, my antennes and my extensive amount of parts,  tubes and cables. Please scroll down and find a lot of great stuff devided in several catogories with the prices i would like to have for these "goodies"


2 pcs IW5DHN design heavy duty (with bearings) elevation system with control box and actuator   EUR  450,00  each
one elevation system SOLD to PA3CMC  2 nd one SOLD to OH2BC

Heavy duty antenne rotor (renewed PA1GYS design) including special versatower top-part to hold the rotor with Prosistel controlbox, cables, 2 pcs Kenpro bearings and heavy top-pipe   EUR   1.000,00     (as extra service I will clean the rotor and put inn new grease)  SOLD to PA3CMC

I have various rotors: 

YEASU 1000 SDX   EUR  375,00

CREATE RC5-3      EUR  375,00  SOLD to DK3NG

Versatower BP60SX (18 mtrs) incl base mount in excellent condx.
with new winches and inox cable    EUR  2.250,00

Versatower BP40SX (12 mtrs) on home made mount in excellent condx.
with new winches and inox cable    EUR 1.500,00  SOLD to OH2BC

3 pcs high power directional couplers  EUR  25,00  /   50,00  /  100,00

Siemens TWT  please place a bid EUR ?     TL6 TWT tube  please place a bid  EUR  ?

Delta 44 soundcard  EUR  100,00       "Russian" morse code paddle    EUR  75,00 SOLD to VE3CCN

home made DSP unit  EUR  75,00          Timewave DSP unit    EUR   125,00

Signal link JT65 interface for TS690S incl. cables    EUR  75,00

left heavy duty sequensers incl. power supply    EUR  100,00
roght heavy duty sequensers incl. power supply    EUR  100,00

Coaxial attunator 15 db   EUR 50,00  SOLD to PC5Q

Big GS35B blower  EUR  50,00     3 pcs high power resistors to switch on 3ph. HV supply EUR 60,00

3ph. high power variac  EUR  450,00          3ph.  HV supply  4500V - 9A   EUR   1.750,00
right picture is the inside of the VERY heavy 3ph. transformer (mind your back ;-)

4 pcs BIRD model 43  power meters with various connectors N-N  spinner-N   EUR  400,00   each
2 pcs SOLD to OH2BC   still 2 available

Bird slugs 
 5B       EUR 50,00 
10C      EUR 50,00
50B      EUR 60,00  SOLD to OH2BC
100C     EUR 70,00  SOLD to OH2BC
100E      EUR 70,00  SOLD to PC5Q
1000B    EUR 80,00
1000E    EUR 80,00   SOLD to PC5Q
2500C  EUR 100,00  SOLD to OH2BC

144MHz directional coupler 1KW with N-N connectors   EUR  100,00

lot's of Spinner connectors for 7/8 or smaller cables, lots of  spinner to N and other types

150 mtr 7/8 hardline op haspel   EUR  4,00 / mtr   connectors available or EUR 450,00 for all   Sold to DK3NG

AZ/EL controlbox incl software, control you're EME array with you're PC    EUR  175,00